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British citizens working in the arts (all sectors) into the EU

Working permit/visa requirements in the EU post the transition period, for UK nationals who will in effect become third country nationals for the purposes of work.

Yeah, we know it's a dry mouthful but not quite as scary as it might sound at first. Let's look at the situation. First and foremost, its already been stated that UK citizens will still be able to visit the Schengen area without the need for any visa as long as that visit does not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period. Yes, that means you if you're a British Citizen.

Now that being said does that mean I can still work without restrictions in the EU 27? Nope, sorry, BUT in many states with a minimum of fuss its "likely" you'll be able to for a variable amount of time from 7 days in any one year to 90 days without a permit or visa. Some states less some more, but again please remember none and we mean none of this is fixed yet.

Worst case scenario you'll have to abide by the following restrictions I've researched in the last couple of weeks. I also need to say that from speaking to a number of very experienced contacts in the industry the regulations are enforced variably across different territories. HOWEVER, we must stress that we always say you should ALWAYS abide by and respect local laws and regulations regarding your stay and work in any country, respect is key for working in our neighbours' homelands.

The picture is mixed, and in some places, we're still waiting for feedback so for now I'm publishing this information to put minds at rest and welcome feedback if we've got it wrong. Its an emerging picture and not as forlorn as many would paint it for arts workers. I know most would prefer this is not happening, but we need to accept the UK has left the EU and now need to work with the best knowledge possible to keep working which helps everyone.

One last thing to say is that the EU does not specify generally for individual member states work permit or visa requirements for WORK for third country nationals, which is why there is so much variance between sovereign EU states it's in this context you should read this page.

(NOTE: nothing is settled yet so keep checking in!)

Ian Smith

Work permits/Visas and taxation for third county nationals working in temp work (arts)

Up to 4 weeks allowed; check the exception box on source material
Up to 90 days allowed with no requirement to apply to enter with exceptions see link
Up to 30 days no requirement for a work permit check under art 95 sec 10
Republic of Cyprus
Done through local employer for short term work
Czech Republic
Exemption for performances up to 7 consectutive days or 30 days in any cal year
Up to 90 days allowed BUT may also require visa
Up to 6 months must register with border police
You must register for a creative arts residence permit unlcear for short term visits
Up to 90 days permit free
Up to 90 days permit free
Through your local employer
British Citizens CTA means right to work remains without any need for permits
Up to 90 days BUT permit requried
Up to 14 days no requirement
Via local employer
Not necessary under exemption of work up to 6 weeks in any 13 weeks
Up to 30 days in any calender year are exempt the need for a work permit
Up to 30 days in any calender year are exempt the need for a work permit
Unlikely to require anything but must do this through local employer/promoter
Max 14 days in any one year no permit required but must have been invited by established organiser